Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Pampered Pets - Stories and Local Pet Celebrities'

The Pampered Pets Stories and Local Pet Celebrities' page is here to report all of the wonderful Pampered Pets Stories. You will find reports of Pampered Pets, Pet Adoption, Special Service Dogs, Local Pet Celebrities, Pet Birthdays, Pet Memorials & much more. This page is a collection of past post, trying to include as many post of interest as possible.  Pampered Pets are everywhere. Send in your Pampered Pets story 

                                                                 Pretty Boy

                           The Feline Ghost that Haunts the Outer Banks


                                         Remembering K-9 Cop "Hondo"


                                           George's Adoption Story

                                                  Princess Jezibelle  Currituck County Pet Celebrity

                                            Smitty- finds his Forever Home

                                            Betty Davis Tucker - Happy Birthday

                                            Spice Girl

                                                                                                 Pampered Pets Guide Cover Dog

Outer Banks Pet Celebrity

     Onyx the Cat
     Outer Banks Pet Celebrity


Currituck County "Corolla" Pet Celebrities

Outer Banks Pet Celebrity 


Beau 19th B-day

                                                                                                 Special Memorial for Beau

Daisy May finding a Forever Home

Shadow: Outer Banks Snow Adventure



NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine is the first in the Nation to offer cancer stricken pets the bone marrow transplant procedure.

Dora Jean  Basenji Rescue/Adoption Therapy Dog    

Outer Banks Pet Celebrity

                       Sasha Girl, Special Memorial 

Heidi and Twiggy Outer Banks Pet Celebrities

   Floyd Special Memorial

Black Beard the Cat - Outer Banks Pet Celebrity

World Rabies Day, September 28th

  World Rabies Day was established in 2007. Worldwide efforts between governments, health organizations, animal groups, and others are advoc...