Saturday, December 12, 2020

 The rise of Cooking during Covid 19 

Cooking has become a much more popular subject since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. People who frequented the restaurants daily and even weekly date night are now fending for themselves at home in the kitchen.

The decline of indoor dining at restaurants has hurt more than just the restaurant's pocketbook. The social structure of America is grasping for connection and cookbooks.

Cooking kitchen tips are now prized knowledge to be shared.
Thanks to the internet, current information is at your fingertips.

Another popular trend is cooking for pampered pets that are part of your family. Like human processed food at the grocery store, pet food is also loaded with chemicals to extend shelf life. Some people are searching for healthier choices.

Pampered Pets Guide is going to be adding a new page dedicated to cooking. Being aware that some kitchen tips work and some leave us scratching our heads, Pampered Pets Guide will try before posting.

In addition to kitchen tips, recipes posted will concentrate on Pet Treats that Humans can eat, cooking for the whole Pampered Pets Family.

Photo by: Seaside Photography

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