Saturday, July 31, 2021

OBX Dogs on the Beach in Kitty Hawk, NC

 Snoopy, a local OBX Dog, mixed lab, enjoyed time at the Regional Public Beach Access - Kitty Hawk, NC with his visiting Virginia, German Shepard cousins, Bella and Bear.

This was a morning beach adventure and all dogs must be on a leash not to exceed 6 feet between 10AM and 6PM until after Labor Day. Please see the detailed leash laws for Kitty Hawk, NC by clicking on the link below.

Kitty Hawk Beach Leash Laws 

Bring your Pampered Pet on vacation to one of the worlds most historic, family and pet friendly beaches of America, the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Friday, July 30, 2021

Firewheels of the Outer Banks


Firewheel flowers also known as blanket flowers, Gaillardia pulchella and Indian blanket flowers are plentiful throughout the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

These flowers are a true native North American wildflower. They are annual and return, like clockwork each year. Firewheels thrive in the sandy soils of the Outer Banks.

Attacking butterflies and bees, not only are they a very useful plant to our ecosystem, but provide a beautiful splash of color on the roadside, yards and all though out the Outer Banks.

Some consider this wildflower, that is in the same plant family as sunflowers, Lucky. Since learning of it's luck, I now close my eyes and make a wish each time I see one of these beauties. 

Being part of the Sunflower family, Firewheels are Non-Toxic to People and Pets.

Enjoy the wonderful landscapes the Outer Banks has to offer and take notice of the little things. Don't forget to make a wish for you and your pampered pet.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Outer Banks - Purple Martin Bridge Roost

 Each year in the months of July and August thousands of Purple Martins arrive to roost under the Umstead Bridge, known locally as the Old Manns Harbor Bridge.

This bridge connects the north end of Roanoke Island to the Mainland of NC. 

During this time period, the normal speed limit of 55 mph is reduced to 20 mph on the bridge, at dusk and dawn. There is a flashing light with the posted speed limit, that also states, "low flying birds" as a reminder.

Slowing down on the bridge not only saves the lives of the low flying purple martins, but can be an unforgettable sight and memory that will be recall for years to come.

If you would like to arrive early and watch the birds fly in, there is a lookout pier and small beach located on the west end of the bridge (Manns Harbor side). The small pier stretches from the left corner of the parking lot, out over the vast Croatan Sound and become a perfect observation point.

The above informative sign is located at this wonderful gathering spot to safely observe the purple martins fly in to roost. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Easy Baked Sweet Potatoes - for you and your dog

Sweet potatoes have long been in the human diet. More recently dehydrated sweet potato chews have entered the dog pet treat, retail selections.

Having knowledge of the health benefits to both humans and dogs, it only makes sense to cook for both at one time.

Baking sweet potatoes is easy. But with most recipes there are very noticeable differences.

The first step is to preheat your oven. Some people like to slow bake at 350 degrees, while others like to bake up to 425 degrees. I personally choose 400 degrees.

The second step in all bake sweet potato recipes is to wash the sweet potato well, removing all small particles of dirt. Sit your potatoes a side and let dry a little, while you prepare the cookie sheet.

The third step is to line a cookie sheet with tin foil. This is to save scrubbing and cleaning after your sweet potatoes are cooked, as some of the sweet liquid contained in them will surely seep from each potato. Once your cookie sheet is lined place your sweet potatoes a few inches apart as seen in the above photo.

Now here is where the difference in baking sweet potatoes comes in: to poke with a fork to vent or to put into the oven to bake. Having tried both, I find just putting the cookie sheet into the oven is best for me as when I poked with a fork, it seemed to loose more of the sweet liquid contained inside each potato. This will be your choice, maybe you will try both as well. 

Baking time will depend on the temperature that you preheated your oven and the size of your sweet potatoes. Typically baking time is between 40 to 60 minutes. The simples way to check is to poke with a fork. If your potato yields and is soft, that means it is ready to retrieve from your oven to stop cooking and begin the cooling process.

Once your sweet potatoes are cooled, peal and cut into bite size pieces, for a sweet treat the whole family can enjoy. This baked treat will last for up to seven days in your refrigerator. 

When adding anything new to your Pampered Pets diet always ask your veterinarian's advise. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Outer Banks Extreme Landscape, Ocean front to Wooded Wonderland

 Entering Nags Head Woods is almost as if walking into a wooded wonderland, a very big contrast from the small rolling sand dunes of the Atlantic Ocean seaside. 

The Nature Conservancy at Nags Head Woods consist of 1,400 acres of maritime forest and a diversity of life. This location is only a half mile from the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Standing watch high on ancient ridges, that are protected from the ocean winds, Oak, Hickory, Beech and Pine trees tower into the sky. People are surprised at the extremely diverse landscape, reminding may of a mountain topography.

The ponds welcome River Otter, Herons and may other animals and creatures not typically found so near the ocean front. Deer, Raccoons, Squirrel, Turtles and more have been spot while hiking the trails.

Pets are not allowed on the official trails of the Nature Conservancy. 
Pets are allowed on Old Nags Head Woods Road, a dirt road that has vehicle and foot traffic that runs though the Nags Head Woods Preserve. The photograph attached was taken from Old Nags Head Road. Visitors with pampered pet companions can certainly enjoy and explore this wooded wonderland. 

A Truly Fantastic Forest to Explore.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Outer Banks Kitty Hawk Bay Joke

 What happened to the Seagull when it flew over Kitty Hawk Bay?

It became a Bagel.

Get it? Bagel and Bay Gull?

That's funny, ha ha ha!

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Ocracoke Island Fig Festival 2021

Mark your calendars for August 5th, 6th and 7th.

The Fig Festival on Ocracoke Island, NC sponsored by the
Ocracoke Island Preservation Society is returning for the 8th Year.

Ocracoke Island is very Family and Pet friendly. Back in 2003 when the Pampered Pets Guide was first published, the first prize in our pet photo contest was accommodations for a weekend on Ocracoke Island for the whole family including the Pampered Pet. 

Ocracoke remains a very unique haven for an almost magical relaxing vacation for the entire family, pets included.

For more information on the Ocracoke Island Fig Festival, including special guest host, Chef Vivian Howard, please visit 

The Outer Banks Preservation Society currently has tickets on sale for $75.00 / $65.00 for members of the society. The Outer Banks Preservation Museum  phone number is 252-928-7375

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