Saturday, November 21, 2020

Have you ever notice that your pet watches you all day? They will sit by your feet on your lap or beside you, as long as they are close to you. They will Fallow you from room to room as if you played a game of following the leader. A pet's way of showing love is silent and steadfast. They haven't the words as humans to have any miscommunications. They always act as if they care and appreciate you for who you are. Wouldn't the world be so wonderful if only we could learn from our gentle pet friends, the way to love and understanding. Words are so powerful in every form. When we write, we must always be aware of the tone or possible miscommunication. When we speak, not only the tone but the volume of speech can be misinterpreted. I think that might be why there are classes in communication; for humans, that is. Animals don't have the problems that we have. Not only miscommunication but false or misleading information is a problem today. There seems to be an information war going on in the world as a whole. It is essential always to believe in yourself and not everything that you read or hear. You control your thoughts. Again I emphasize the power of words. I praise the silence and I hope that we learn as humans to feel with our hearts and learn from our pet companions and friends.

World Rabies Day, September 28th

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