Saturday, May 30, 2009

Feline Hope "Yard Sale" items NEEDED

Feline Hope Animal Shelter, Inc. is having it's Annual Yard Sale on June 20th 2009.

Donations are currently being accepted at the Feline Hope Animal Shelter located at 843 Herbert Perry Road in Kitty Hawk, NC.
If the shelter is closed please leave donations on the porch of the Shelter.

Your Help is Greatly Needed! Please gather your unwanted used items that maybe sold at this Annual Feline Hope Yard Sale, to help the Homeless Felines at this Outer Banks Non-Kill Shelter.

This Yard Sale is Feline Hope Animal Shelter, Inc.'s Only Annual Fundraiser! for the Shelter. You can read more about Feline Hope Animal Shelter, Inc.'s History & Mission on the Pampered Pets Guide blog  October 28, 2008 


Friday, May 29, 2009

Barker Bruch is Today!

Today Friday, May 29nd 2009 is Barker Brunch at Outer Barks, located in Duck, North Carolina.

The time scheduled for this Fun Outer Banks Pet Event is 10:30am to 12noon.

All you can Eat! Doggie Breakfast Buffet with Over 20 different organic, natural treats & goodies.
Mark your calendars, For Barker Brunch every Friday, through September 11th, 2009.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

CGC Training & AKC Evaluations on the Outer Banks of NC

The Outer Banks of NC is a very special place for people & animals alike. We are very fortunate to have many pet related events & activities. It is very important that your doggie be well socialized here on the Outer Banks. The AKC's CGC can help with your doggies socialization skills. Good training can also save your doggies life. Now that we know: AKC's CGC - Learn the Lingo!
 AKC's CGC 10 Steps!
Where can our dog get training & evaluations for the CGC, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina?

Greater Coastal Canine Academy is located at 111 Fox Knoll Drive, Unit 4 in Powell’s Point, NC

Holistic Pet Shop is located in the Seagate Shopping Center, Milepost 5 in Kill Devil Hills, NC

Salty Dog Grooming & Boarding is located at 208 Williams Drive, Kill Devil Hills, NC

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

AKC's CGC 10 Steps!

We have learned the Lingo! and know what the AKC's CGC is. If you havn't read "AKC's CGC - Learn the Lingo!" please click on the provided link. Now we will learn what the 10 steps to achieving this certification is.

Test 1: Accepting a friendly stranger Test 
2: Sitting politely for petting Test 
3: Appearance & Grooming Test 
4: Out for a walk (walking on a lose lead) Test
5: Walking through a crowd Test 
6: Sit and down on command and staying in place Test 
7: Coming when called Test
8: Reactions to another dog Test
9: Reaction to distraction Test 
10: Supervised separation

For more information and AKC certified Trainers/ Evaluators in our area.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

AKC's CGC - Learn the Lingo!

Most people know that AKC is the abbreviation for American Kennel Club. But what is the AKC's CGC? CGC is the abbreviation for the AKC's Canine Good Citizen Program. So now the question is, What is the Canine Good Citizen Program? 

 The program started in 1989 and is a certification program that rewards dogs that have good manners at home & in the community. It is a two-part program that stresses canine good manners & responsible pet ownership. Canine Good Citizen Certification is gained through passing the 10-step CGC evaluation test.

 AKC certifies CGC evaluators around the world to hold training classes & testing. All Breeds & Mixed Breeds are welcome to obtain the CGC. Watch the Pampered Pets Guide blog of more information and AKC's CGC evaluators in our area.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day!

Today while we are honoring American Hero’s let’s not forgetting the brave and loyal "canine heroes” that served beside their Humane Hero companions. 

 The history of "heroic canines" that served in war goes back to ancient times. When researching "canine war heroes" there was so much information it was hard to summarize it all in one small blog. 

We also felt that each of these many stories deserved their own attention and did not want to leave any of our "canine heroes" or their Human Hero companions out.

Therefore, we request, when you have a moment, please "Google" or use the search engine of your choice to retrieve this information.

The Pampered Pets Guide sends out a sincere “Thank You” to all of our American Hero’s. 

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Greater Coastal Canine Academy New Coffee Bar Opening Soon!

Greater Coastal Canine Academy located at 111 Fox Knoll Drive, Unit 4, Powell's Point, NC currently has an indoor/outdoor training center Self-Serve Dog Washing & Grooming Room & K9 Keepsakes (custom designed from your pets photo)  

NOW Opening Soon: Our New Coffee Bar! Inside our training facility we are setting up a coffee bar for humans and lots of cookies for dogs. Outdoor seating allows you and your best friend to sit while you enjoy a cup of coffee! Latte's Espresso Health Bars for Humans All Natural Gourmet Cookies for dogs!

World Rabies Day, September 28th

  World Rabies Day was established in 2007. Worldwide efforts between governments, health organizations, animal groups, and others are advoc...